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 Monday Night Raw Results

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PostSubject: Monday Night Raw Results   Monday Night Raw Results I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 19, 2009 7:26 pm

Candice Michelle vs Angelina Love

Velvet vs Lady GaGa

Lita vs Kelly Kelly

Ashley vs JBL

The show opened in Torrie Wilson's office, she was busy with some paperwork when JBL entered. He sat down on the edge of her desk and began playing with her hair.

"Hey honey." Torrie swatted his hand away and ignored him. "Oh come on baby, play nice." Torrie threw down her pen and looked up at him with a frown on her face.

"What do you want?"

He smiled and resumed fiddling with her hair. "Well I'm guessing some sort of sexual favour is out of the question, so I thought I'd ask about my match tonight."

"What about it?" Torrie replied, JBL smiled at her obvious hatred of the way he toyed with her and continued.

"Well, I was wondering what kind of advantages a wrestling god gets...." Torrie cut him off and went back to her paperwork.

"Nope." The cameras cut to the ring where Angelina Love was waiting, Candice had just stepped through the ropes and was about to agknowledge her fans when Angelina lunged at her and attacked her.

The bell rang as Angelina pulled Candice to the floor, they began catfighting on the ground with lots of hair pulling and screaming. This continued until Candice got the upper hand and kicked Angelina in the stomach, this gave her the chance to get to her feet. The two divas locked up in the middle of the ring with Candice taking the upper hand, she forced Angelina in to a headlock on the ground and began weakening her opponent. Candice clearly meant business as she applied more pressure, Angelina forced her way out but Candice kicked her to the ground and applied a leg lock. Angelina managed to get to the ropes and escaped the hold.

Candice gave her a chance to stand up and they locked up again, this time Angelina took control. When Candice attempted a headlock Angelina kicked her in the ribs and hit a quick DDT.

The match went back and forth for a while longer until Candice applied a leg submission in the middle of the ring, the previous damage was too much and Angelina was forced to submit.

Candice celabrated in the ring while Angelina escaped to the back in shame.

Backstage Kelly Kelly is seen standing by the arena doors, she looks a little lost until Ashley approaches her. She smiles and the two hug.

"Hey Kelly." Ashley said as they broke apart, there was a short silence before Kelly replied.

"Hey Ash." Her voice was much quieter than ususal and she seemed a little shy. "Good luck in the main event tonight." She said softly, he smiled gratefully.


The camera returns to the ring for the next matchup, Lady GaGa and Velvet Sky were ready to go. The match began with GaGa taunting Velvet and ended that way too, as the match went on Velvet got angrier and angrier with her opponent's flamboyant ring style. GaGa taunted Velvet which led to her recieving a hard slap from Velvet, GaGA finally snapped and kicked Velvet hard in the stomach which allowed her to capitalize and hit her finisher for the win.

Backstage Candice was in a corridoor talking to some lucky fans with backstage passes when she was approached by GM Damon Brooks.

"Hey Candice." Candice looked up as the fans left and smiled.

"Hey Damon, did you catch my match?"

"Yeah, I have to say. I'm impressed."

The two continued to talk as we move on to the next match.

Lita made a huge mistake when she underestimated Kelly Kelly, Lita arrived in the ring with a cocky attitude and immediatly began a beatdown on the fan favourite. When the crowd began to boo she took time out to taunt the fans, this gave Kelly an oppurtunity. She grabbed Lita's legs and won with a sneaky rollup.

Next up was the main event, Ashley came down to the ring smiling and waving at the fans who quickly warmed up to the newcomer from England. JBL had a different approach and simply ignored the fans, as he entered the ring he began talking trash to Ashley but Ashley silenced him with a slap to the face.

The two locked up in the center of the ring with Ashley taking an early advantage. The match was pretty even but in the end, the young Ashley took a victory after hitting his finisher on the wwe veteran.
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Monday Night Raw Results
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