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Former WWE Diva Torrie Wilson has purchased World Wrestling Entertainment from Vince McMahon and is ready to start fresh.
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PostSubject: Defining-Beauty   Defining-Beauty I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 16, 2009 11:56 am

The scene starts with the camera showing Candice sat on the bench infront of her assigned locker wearing her gold angel wings attire she is looking on the floor getting into the zone that she needs to be for the her match. Candice then stands up and grabs her robe from the hanger. Candice then starts to walk whilst putting her robe on. Before she leaves the locker room she looks at her reflection in the mirror. She was fired up for this match. Candice then opens the door and is about to leave the room when all the divas wish her goodluck. She smiles at them and leaves. Candice then walks in the direction of the RAW arena, then as she gets closer and closer to the ring she gets more and more fired up and determined to beat this so cold talented diva. Then suddenly she hears someone shouting her name. She turns around and see Lillian running towards her and the camera man trying to catch up with her. She finally catches up and Candice smiles

Lillian: Can we just have a quick interview

Candice knods

Lillian: Good...So lets just cut to the chase...I bet you saw the segment that Angelina did just a couple of minutes ago

Candice:Yes I did and first of all are you alright...:Lillian knods slowly as she touches her chin which is still sore and pretty red:...I thought her little attack was just kidish. I mean come on if she wanted to make an example of how talented she is then she wouldn't prance about in a bikini and then attack someone. If she was trying to scare me then it obviously didn't work, because in this match I'm going to show Miss.Love why people call me the Heart-Core Diva. I am going to fight like I've never fought before. Angleina better be ready to get the worst beat down of her life. You see this isn't like TNA where all knockouts bow down to you. No...this is WWER and here people fight and fight to put people like Angelina in their place. Tonight she might even leave the ring in a stretcher for all I know. ::Candice stares at the camera as she has a little breather, with a smile on her face::....Lets call this match your innitiation. ::Candice steps closer to the camera and opens her arms like taunting her opponent::...Welcome to Monday Night RAW.

Candice walks twords the ring leaving Lillian stood watch her walk. She then looks at the Camera and smiles, the Camera fades to black


(OOC):Rushed like nevah seen

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