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Former WWE Diva Torrie Wilson has purchased World Wrestling Entertainment from Vince McMahon and is ready to start fresh.
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 Not just a hottie.

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Not just a hottie. Empty
PostSubject: Not just a hottie.   Not just a hottie. I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 16, 2009 9:25 am

Scene fades in from black the camera is zooming out to a wide shot of Angelina Love in the ring , holding a microphone. The camera changes to a close up of Angelina.

Angelina: ‘’What’s happening people ?’’She waves to the fans-
‘’So I guess I’m out here to address some of the as I would say fugly biatches backstage.
I’m here to show you a real woman’s body and real wrestling talent and I have both’’

Fans Cheer
‘’Hit the music’’
Angelina throws the microphone and clicks her fingers , a pink lighting is shown through out the arena ,Angelina is shown on the titantron and playing the song ‘How many ways’.
Angelina throws off her silken small gown and reveals a silver sequined bikini , She bends her body over the ropes and blows a kiss , then pulls down a rope and invites Lillian to the ring.

Lillian: ‘’Me ? Are you sure!’’
Angelina nods her head and helps Lillian to ring, she smiles at Lillian and slowly pulls down her sleeve , Then suddenly slaps her across the face. The music and lighting stops , Angelina then does her finisher the ‘Lights out’ onto Lillian.Angelina: ’’I have everything a girl could need, and soon the most important thing the title...see you out their Candice’’
Angelina struts back up the ramp with a confident look on her face.

(OOC i forgot to do it and i cba writing lol)
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Not just a hottie.
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