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 The war isnt over ?

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PostSubject: The war isnt over ?   Tue Apr 14, 2009 12:29 pm

The camera turns towards the door, Angelina Love strolls in with her luggage and a smile on her face. She makes her way to the Divas Locker room, as she enters she realises everything here would be perfect for her. She places her stuff in her assigned locker and also adding her own accessory of a mirror, as she hangs up her mirror she played with her hair and giggled.

Angelina:'' Oh i'm going to like being here, i mean come on i'm hot talented and the Divas so far have nothing on me. ''

She shuts her locker and leaves the Locker room. As she looks down the hall way, she notices Gail Kim's office, She pauses and stares.

Angelina:'' So our war isnt over... ''

Angelina then takes alook else where in the arena.
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Torrie Wilson

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PostSubject: Re: The war isnt over ?   Tue Apr 14, 2009 5:05 pm

Before she could get much further a voice behind her startled Angelina, she turned around to see two blondes standing back to back.

"Talk about low brow" Said the first as the second sniggered, one wore outrageous yet glamourous shorts with a top that fitted her figure perfectly. Sunglasses covered her eyes and made her intimdating yet hauntingly beautiful.

"I know right." The second was dressed in a plain yet flattering minidress which complimented her curves, they broke formation and began to walk towards Angelina, circling her as if she was their prey and they were vultures.

"Do you know who we are?" The first asked, her voice was cold and spiteful as she spoke. Angelina said nothing in reply so the second answered for her.

"We are..." She stopped and poked Angelina in the chest. "Vanity." They stopped circling and stood in front of her.

"Lady Gaga." Said the first lowering her shades in disaproval of the diva in front of her.

"And Lady Leyve." Angelina opened her mouth to speak but Leyve placed a hand over it. "We don't wanna hear it noob."

"If we ever catch you in our territory again, there will be trouble." Lady GaGa placed her shades back in place and turned to leave, his partner was about to follow when Angelina began to speak.

"Do you have something to say kid?" Leyve questioned, her friend turned around and laughed to herself.

"All she can say is eh eh!" She sang merrily and her partner laughed too, they glared at Angelina and began to leave.
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PostSubject: Re: The war isnt over ?   Tue Apr 14, 2009 5:14 pm

Angelina turned back round

Angelina: ''Oi Whores i do have something to say''
-Puts her hands on her hips-
''Dont play games with me, im not here to be friends and i certainly don't need whores like your running your mouths round here. So why don't yous run along back to school while this woman that can wrestle not prance around giving talk , being a slut and looking like my mom never taught me how to get dressed because that is what im seeing from you no good bimbo's right now, but i guess i will see you in the ring and show you why i am a Diva''
-Flicks hair and Laughs at them and makes her way down the Hall way-

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PostSubject: Re: The war isnt over ?   

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The war isnt over ?
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