WWE Reloaded

Former WWE Diva Torrie Wilson has purchased World Wrestling Entertainment from Vince McMahon and is ready to start fresh.
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 Preparedness Meets Opportunity

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PostSubject: Preparedness Meets Opportunity   Tue Apr 14, 2009 6:52 am

It took me a little convincing to join the newly formed WWER. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure Torrie will be the perfect boss and will manage everything to a fine standard. But when I gave up wrestling those years ago, I thought that was the end. A perfect fairytale ending is what I always imagined. And it seemed that returning would ruin that something special I had. It wasn't until hubby Ron told me to do what I felt was right. That's when I realised, I belong in the ring.

Trish carried her luggage bag through the arena's main doors. She signed her name in and looked around the hall. Not a soul in sight except the mousey receptionist who seemed to be staring at Trish in awe. The beautiful blonde shifted her baggage straps to a more comfortable position and began a journey down the what seemed to be never-ending hallway. Glancing at the doors, Trish made sure to take in every detail and read over what each door said. 'WOMEN'S LOCKER ROOM.' Trish smiled at this sign and opened up the door it was placed upon. No-one. No-one inside. The Canadian joked inside her head that if this was the women's division, she knew victory was certain. Her bubby laugh overtook her senses and Trish gave a small giggle. She exited back into the hallway only to find a dark-haired woman going into a room right at the end of the hall. Trish shifted her bag once more and walked towards the room at the end. As the distance decreased, Trish glared at the sign which read 'SMACKDOWN GM OFFICE.' A swift knock on the door and a voice from inside told Trish to "Come in." As she entered, Gail Kim sat back in her chair and smiled.

"Ahh, Miss. Stratus."

Trish smiled back at the fellow Canadian. The two had quite a history. And as it looked, quite a future also.

[TBC By Gail Kim Only]
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PostSubject: Re: Preparedness Meets Opportunity   Tue Apr 14, 2009 7:04 am

Gail Was Smiling At Trish While Glancing At WWER.com.

Gail began to speak while glancing at her laptop.

Gail: "Wow trish... What a return this is for WWE, us two former women's champions back here and even on the same brand."

Trish smiled as Gail went on

Gail: "Well, if you really are on Smackdown, you will get the chance to make history once again. But, it's not going to be easy, as soon as we sign 7 divas, we are going to hold a tournament and I myself will be competing."

Trish Began To Giggle

Trish looks as if she has something to say as Gail once more checks WWER.com

(TBC)- By Trish Only
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PostSubject: Re: Preparedness Meets Opportunity   Tue Apr 14, 2009 7:16 am

Gail began typing at a fast pace on her keyboard whilst still communicating with Trish.

Trish: "I knew it Gail. As soon as I heard the rumours about you being GM, I still thought it would not stop you getting in the ring. I admire that."

Gail gave Trish a quick smile before resuming to her laptop.

Trish: "Well I can see you're a very busy woman. I won't hold you up anymore."

Gail: "That's fine Trish. I must admit, contracts and paperwork are quite a daunting task. But I still love it. The whole GM thing is definitely my forte'"

The two laugh and Trish shoulders her bag up once more. They both say goobye and Trish exits from what could possibly be her future boss's office.

Gail as my boss. Hmm, interesting. We'll get on. Us Canadians think alike.

Trish walks back down the hallway and into the women's locker room, prepared for the opportunities about to come her way.

[End Of Scene]
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PostSubject: Re: Preparedness Meets Opportunity   

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Preparedness Meets Opportunity
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