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 I want to play a game

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Damon Brooks

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I want to play a game Empty
PostSubject: I want to play a game   I want to play a game I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 13, 2009 6:40 pm

"You realise she is dating someone right..." Damon laughed off JBL's obvious point and threw him a look of pity. "I could have sworn she had a boyfriend."

"I don't care!" He proclaimed as he sipped some more beer, JBL nodded but said nothing more. "Besides, she's crazy about me." He leaned back in his chair and placed the beer on a table beside him. "She is just afraid of the attraction." He smiled and got to his feet.

"Where are you going?" JBL asked standing to join his friend, Damon pushed him back in his seat and grinned.

"I'm going to confront her."

"Good luck pal." JBL picked up his beer and took a few sips as Damon left the room.


The show returned from a commercial and the cameras were located in Torrie's office. She had finally finished unpacking and the room looked a lot more feminine. As Damon walked inside he was greeted by a LOT of pink. The chair behind the desk had a pink cushion, the penpot was pink, as was the ipod and laptop on the desk and even a small pink rug was placed on the floor. The room was also full of photos, on the walls were countless photoframes full of Torrie's smiling face accompinied by that of friends.

There was however no sign of the lady herself, he walked further inside and crept across to the desk. "Torrie." He called softly, his voice was soft and playful as if they were two children playing hide and seek in a playhouse. "Oh Torrie!" His voice was a little louder this time but still retained the boyish innocence. He took a few steps past the desk and suddenly realised where she was hiding. The unmistakable sound of running water filled his ears and his eyes fell upon the open door of her en suite bathroom. A devilish smile crept on to his face as he strolled through it, this game was just about to get good.

Continued by Anyone. No attacks please. afro
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Torrie Wilson

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I want to play a game Empty
PostSubject: Re: I want to play a game   I want to play a game I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 13, 2009 6:57 pm

OOC: ohmygod. The title of this is SO Saw. Hello Robbie. I want to play a game.

Torrie let the water wash over her as music played from her ipod speakers, things had gone badly today but she was positive that things would get better soon. She ran her fingers through her hair and let it fall on to her back. She heard a noise and her eyes snapped, dismissing it she simply continued to shower. She heard it again, a faint whisper and could ignore it no longer, she poked her head out of the shower and looked around. She saw nothing and then....

A pair of lips was suddenly on her own and two arms were around her neck attempting to pull her closer, she struggled and tried to scream but her voice was blocked by the mystery kisser. She was almost powerless, she yanked at the shower curtain and pulled it around her body before focusing on escaping.

Fear gripped her and seemed to give her some strength, she pushed him away and screamed. "Get out!" Damon ran away laughing and the tears began.
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I want to play a game
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